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Cooling means of the heat treatment furnace and its auxiliary equipment
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The need to different cooling rates in the heat treatment process after the workpiece is heated for cooling, thereby to obtain the desired microstructure and properties. A lot of factors that affect the cooling rate of the workpiece, including cooling method, media type, medium temperature and media workers

The movement of the member and the method of operation. This requires a reasonable structure and excellent performance of the cooling device to ensure that the effect of heat treatment and product quality.

The cooling device (cooling device) is an integral part of the heat treatment furnace , some heat treatment furnace the (some continuous furnace sealed box furnace, etc.) itself includes a cooling means. The cooling means includes a quenching device, slow cooling apparatus, quenching correction means, quenching

The molding apparatus of the quenching medium heating and cooling means.

During heat treatment operations, but also inevitable to some auxiliary operations, such as the surface of the workpiece cleanup Cheongju wash, calibration, and some even require surface treatment. Therefore, it also requires some auxiliary equipment.

The quenching tank container is equipped with the quenching medium, when the workpiece immersed in the tank cooling, you need to be able to ensure that the workpiece evenly quenching operation with reasonable cooling system, the workpiece to meet the technical requirements.

In the front chamber of the sealed box furnace , not only feed the transition zone, and the workpiece heating and quenching, slow cooling after the discharge zone in the job. To be able to quench the front chamber of the following should be sump; to be able to slow cooling, the top or side of the front chamber should be connected to the buffer

Cold chamber. Feed material, quenching and slow cooling, the trays and the workpiece back and forth and up and down movement, before and after the campaign to complete the push-pull feeder, up and down movement of the lifting mechanism.

The front room can be divided into the the the slow cold room and especially slow the cold chamber Network kinds. Front chamber housing is welded square sealed chamber integrally with the furnace shell or quenching tank may also be connected by bolts. Located in front of the front room, the front room door opened by a motor reducer drive chain

On and off. With asbestos rope between the door and the frame weight or clamping bodies pressed near the door, the door beneath a fire curtain device, automatic ignition, the front door open, when the workpiece to enter or pull out, to prevent air from entering the furnace caused by oxidative deamination carbon or explosion. Current

Room door is closed, the fire curtain out at the same time. Explosion-proof equipment installed before the room air into the explosion, the gas escaping from the explosion-proof equipment, to ensure the safety.

Slow cooling chamber is located in the top or side of the front room, located in the upper part called on slow cooling, located on the side called side slow cooling. Slow cooling chamber can be welded into a steel seal dissection, pass into the water cooling, can also be mounted on both sides of the inner wall of the annealing chamber cooling pipes. Upper part of the annealing chamber

Mounted fan forced air circulation, accelerated cooling.

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